Your Telegram client accessible by HTTP API

Taas lets you use Telegram API in a language-agnostic way.

Use all TDLib methods with HTTP requests

Setting up TDLib can be tedious. Taas lets you get your TDLib up and running in one click.

  • Create a client in dashboard using phone or bot token
  • Perform requests using any HTTP client with API Key you receive

More powerful than a bot

Taas is a real full-featured Telegram Client running in a cloud. Use all the methods provided by Telegram API

  • It can send messages to anybody even if they did not start the conversation
  • It can retrieve full chat history


Taas is free to try, if you make under 5000 requests in a month. Price is charged by minutes of enabled plan. You can always go back to free if you want.
The number of clients is unlimited on all plans.

Free Basic Private
(per month)
Free $7 $49
Requests Limit
(per month)
5000 Unlimited Unlimited
Dedicated server Yes
Disk space/Traffic
10 GB/10 GB 10 GB/10 GB 100 GB/200 GB

1GB additional traffic - $0.028, 1GB additional disk space - $0.056

Zapier with Telegram

Do you want to build Telegram integration using Zapier? That's easier than ever with Taas. Just: